SKYDB Research

Using SKYDB Research you can analyze the data contained in the world’s largest skyscraper database. This way you can find specific buildings, compare building markets, and find companies who are in relation to these entries.

Database Facts:

  • 200,000+ tall buildings in 200+ countries
  • 50,000+ companies involved in those buildings
  • 10,000+ cities

SKYDB Research is available with these functionalities:

  • Get statistics about markets
  • Query the database by your criteria
  • Export the results and download them
  • Set alerts on updates

Available research plans:

  • SKYDB Research Personal (one year access and no exports)
  • SKYDB Research Professional (one year access and exports)
  • SKYDB Research Express (48 hours access and exports)

Please reach out to SKYDB for more details.

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SKYDB is a worldwide database of skyscrapers and tall buildings. Created by the editorial community, also known from:
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