Senior Editors

The senior editors are a backbone of the SKYDB community and serve as an expert group and help to manage the website. Senior editors are:

  • Florian Barbier
  • Rick Bronson
  • John Cahill
  • Tom Finnegan
  • Marshall Gerometta
  • David Guija
  • Ryan Hildebrand
  • Daniel Kieckhefer
  • Sami Koskinen
  • Dylan Leblanc
  • Nate Lindsey
  • Brian LoBue
  • Chris Patriarca
  • James Peacock
  • Janne Puustelli
  • Pawel Toczynski
  • Michael Wutzke
  • … and more
SKYDB is a worldwide database of skyscrapers and tall buildings. Created by the editorial community, also known from:
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