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SKYDB is a new website building on a long heritage. Its predecessor started in 1996 as an international database of skyscrapers. Later its data was used for a number of forked projects. Today, SKYDB is made possible by many community members who created the original content and gave their written permission to use it. The SKYDB members team up here with additional communities who have a passion for skyscrapers. Together, we have one goal: Creating the biggest and best database on tall buildings.

In order to achieve this goal, we selected a name which is easy to remember: SKYDB. The SKYDB logo represents skyscrapers in its center surrounded by a circle representing the world, since we aim to cover tall building developments worldwide.

Manama City skyline - Skyscrapers of Manama City

Upcoming Features

There are a lot of things we will implement in the weeks and months to come. Among them are to locate and access buildings on the map, creating a 3D map of major cities around the world allowing users to tilt/turn the map, advanced search for buildings, tools to import and export information, and ways to share building information on the web.

Everybody involved in the creation is thrilled to have a legend back which comes with all valid copyrights concerning its data. If you want to join the team as a member or partner, drop us a note.

Your SKYDB Team

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