Changes to the Site

2023-03-17: The world’s top 1000 skyscrapers listing is live.

2023-03-17: The top navigation now contains a new item called “Buildings” with example searches.

2023-03-17: You can now search for tall buildings using the search form.

2023-03-15: The social media channels of SKYDB have been initiated.

2023-03-12: Members of SKYDB can now download any file they previously uploaded. You have to be signed in to do so.

2023-03-12: Previously uploaded files in the media library, such as PDF and Word files, can now be accessed and downloaded.

2023-03-12: The upload functionality for skyscraper illustrations was released for testing. In a future version of the site users will be able to list/sort buildings by viewing these illustrations.

2023-03-12: All 1,090 city headers (panoramas) have been imported into the file database. This means that future panoramas can be directly uploaded by members to cities which ie do not yet have a panorama without having any manual process. Example: Sydney panorama (served via file server and not loaded directly from disk) shown for the city of Sydney. Files served via the file server come with a large set of functionalities, such as file compression, error handling, optional watermarking, and the ability to scale images.

2023-03-11: You can now turn on/off watermarking for each of your images when editing a photo.

2023-03-11: You can now delete a file which you uploaded earlier, in case you’re not satisfied with is.

2023-03-11: You can now edit any of your previously uploaded images. Please help testing and report any issues.

2023-03-10: When you upload an image the original file is saved according to its correct EXIF rotation setting.

2023-03-10: When you upload a file which you uploaded before, the file is skipped and not accepted.

2023-02-26: The SKYDB Telegram channel has been launched. Join the channel and chat with team members!

2023-02-26: The discussion groups have been launched for a selected number of members.

2023-02-25: The file uploading tool is online for a selected number of members. Example: Upload to 432 Park Avenue

2023-02-23: The file server script is now able to display an image in any desired height or width.

2023-02-22: For every building you can now access its media library to browse all its photos. Example: Eurotheum Media Library – page 4

2023-02-22: The panorama images are now shown on the city page and the building page, if existing. Example: Tokyo

2023-02-21: Any enlarged file now contains a watermark, if the watermark feature was enabled for that file on in the past.

2023-02-21: The photos can now be enlarged. Example: Photo of the Empire State Building

2023-01-01: SKYDB was launched in beta mode. The community area is not yet available.