Hall of Fame

This section honors the life work of experts for making information on buildings universally accessible and useful independent of any company they are working for. All individuals listed will remain their honorary status forever.

Judith Dupré

Judith Dupré: The Book Writer

Judith Dupré is a writer, architectural historian, and public speaker. She was born in Providence, Rhode Island. She is the New York Times bestselling author of several works of narrative nonfiction on art, design, and architecture. Several bestelling books on major projects brought architecture closer to many people all over the world.

Mars Gerometta

Marshall Gerometta: Master of Building Lists

Marshall is the world’s most popular data researcher on skyscrapers for almost 30 years now. Marshall was keeping his legendary ‘hot 500’ listings back in the 1990s when the Internet did not even exist. He collects technical data from blue prints and he has extensive connections into the industry. His research results are often cited by many publications like Wikipedia, the World Almanac and Book of Facts, and the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH). Marshall is the most trusted source on heights and technical data concerning skyscrapers.

Dylan Leblanc

Dylan Leblanc: Fostering Creativity

Dylan is a frontrunner in making information on buildings including diagrams searchable on the Internet. Dylan is the founder of SkyscraperPage, the world’s biggest and best known place for height comparisons of major projects. Dylan is a major driver in the creation of the SKYDB platform.


Rick Bronson: Passion for Architecture

Rick Bronson is keeping lists of tall buildings since almost 25 years. His knowledge and passion for maintaining and sharing his research efforts are accessible today to a wide array of users around the world who enjoy using his work on publicly available website. His special research topic today are tall buildings in Asia.

Garrett Stout

Garrett Stout: Enthusiastic about Skyscrapers

Garrett was an expert on tall buildings, and his interest in architecture and skyscrapers reached back to 40 years ago. He used to be the Editor-in-Chief of our projects in the past, and has presented our architectural awards in the past. Garrett has helped to promote information on buildings throughout the world to a large amount of people.

Garrett Stout passed away in 2020 and will never be forgotten.

Michael Wutzke

Michael Wutzke: Creative Mind

Michael Wutzke was the first person who published a database about buildings on the Internet back in 1996. He is the founder of a number of projects who dealt with information on tall buildings. Michael is today working as CIO of a financial company and is helping SKYDB to succeed.

Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales: Bringing Knowledge to People

Jimmy Wales is the co-founder of Wikipedia, an non-profit encyclopedia. Jimmy was born in Huntsville, Alabama and today lives in London. Through the publication of Wikipedia, Jimmy made information about buildings universally accessible and useful to a large number of people.

More Skyscraper Projects

Below is a listing of websites and projects which support tall buildings.

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