The Database of Skyscrapers

SKYDB is the world’s biggest database on skyscrapers and tall buildings. SKYDB is widely recognized as “the source” for information on major projects, as most information originates from primary sources such as blueprints. The database contains more than 174,000 listed high-rise projects in over 10,000 cities worldwide.

SKYDB has developed international standards for measuring tall building heights and maintains the World’s 1000 Skyscrapers Listing, a huge media archive, and the largest collection of building diagrams. 

For the reasons of automation and data consistency, SKYDB implemented uniform data standards which are applied when editing, comparing, and exchanging data. 

SKYDB is a joint project supported by PhorioSkyscraperPage, OSM Buildings, and other platforms.

Kunming is one of more than 10,000 cities in the database.

Quality Matters

The goal of SKYDB is to list all tall buildings of the world over their full life cycle and list verified data for every listed property. Instead of providing a deep editorial context like a news site does, the focus of SKYDB is to provide a lot of structured and deep technical data about every object (our so-called data backbone). That’s why the goal of SKYDB is to collect and maintain as much meta information as possible on every project. SKYDB is committed to the highest quality and correctness of information and wants to make data is collects universally accessible and useful for anyone.

Driven By Passion

SKYDB is made possible by a thriving community of experts who collect and publish information about tall buildings on the Internet since the year 1996. Only people with a passion and track record can join the team. The community consists of hundreds of individuals. Some of them also work for companies from building-related industries.

Community members visiting construction site

Our members visit construction sites and
engange with the building community

SKYDB is a joint project supported by Phorio, SkyscraperPage, and OSM Buildings. Created by the editorial community, also known from:
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